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National certificate


National torch program key high-tech enterprise certificate

  National Torch Plan Undertakes Enterprise  

Top 10 veterinary APIs manufacturer in China


National advanced unit of open and democratic management of Plant Affairs

National Labor Union awarded the "Model Workers' Home"            



Provincial  certificate

Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base in Hubei Province   Hubei Enterprise Technology Center   Wuhan University of Science and Technology Teaching Practice Base   Joint Laboratory
Veterinary Drugs Joint Laboratory   Hubei innovative enterprise   Engineering Technology Research Center   Hubei famous trademark

Model unit of open and democratic management of Plant Affairs in Hubei province


Agricultural science and technology innovation model enterprise in hubei province

  Brand products  

Harmonious labor relations enterprise in hubei province


Provincial Model workers’home


'Observe the contract and emphasis the credit' enterprise




Municipal  certificate

Huanggang Top 100 Enterprises   Huanggang City Harmonious Enterprise   Huanggang Science and Technology Progress Award   Social fire protection advanced unit
Top ten companies in Wuxue City  

Advanced unit in citywide talent work

  Advanced technology unit  

Advanced unit in labor employment and re-employment

Advanced unit in human resources and social security work  

Advanced unit in pollution control work


Advanced grassroots labor union

  Advanced grassroots party organization