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Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical tech. co., ltd. was founded in 2002, which Tianjin Ringpu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (a listed company: Ringpu Bio, code: 300119) injected capital and held shares in 2008. Longxiang holds registered capital of 123 million yuan with more than 340 staffs and total assets of 440 million yuan now and covers an area of 266,6667 square meters, has also listed on the New Third Board on March 14, 2017 (NEEQ: 871082). And Longxiang provides veterinary APIs, preparations and pharmaceutical intermediates.
Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Tech. Co., Ltd. is China key Hi-Tech enterprise, China Torch Program undertaking enterprise, veterinary drugs GMP standard enterprise, the top 10 industrial producing enterprise in Wuxue city, China top 10 veterinary APIs manufacturer, whose annual output value is more than 300 million, profits and taxes are up to 30 million.


Longxiang is a post-doctoral innovation practice base, whose engineering research center has carried out a long-term technical innovation work with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan Institute of Technology, Hubei University of Chinese Medicine, Yangzhou University and other colleges and institutes. It has successively won the honorary titles of Innovative Enterprise in Hubei Province, Second Prize in Scientific and Technological Progress in Hubei Province, Science and Technology Innovation Award in Hubei Province, Science and Technology Promotion Award in Hubei Province and others.


Longxiang has won 12 national invention patents, and also has 6 Category Ⅱnew veterinary drugs: Marbofloxacin, Valnemulin hydrochloride, Valnemulin hydrochloride premix, Menbutone, Gamithromycin and Gamithromycin injection ; 2 Category Ⅲ new veterinary drugs: Tilmicosin phosphate soluble powder, Tilmicosin phopshate; and 1 Category Ⅳ new veterinary drug: Tilmicosin enteric-coated granules. Florfenicol, Valnemulin hydrochloride and Toltrazuril are appraised as ‘Brand-name products’ in Hubei province, ‘Longxiang Pharmaceutical’ trademark has been named Hubei famous brand.


Longxiang, always adhering to the core concepts of ‘Innovation, High quality, Co-creation, Co-prosperity’, has won the advanced unit of National advanced unit of open and democratic management of Plant Affairs, ‘Model home’ from the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, Harmonious labor relations enterprises in Hubei Province, the best integrity unit of Labor and Social Security in Hubei Province, 'Observe the contract and emphasis the credit' enterprises in Hubei Province and other honorary titles.


Through technological innovation, Longxiang has successfully registered a number of products in more than 30 developed countries and regions such as Germany, Belgium, Japan, Iran, Spain, Mexico and South Korea and so on. Longxiang is the top 10 manufacturer for veterinary APIs in China. Products are recognized by users at home and abroad with more than 600 international and domestic customers, having the right to import and export, whose annual foreign exchange is more than 10 million US dollars.


Longxiang will rely on the strong industry experience of the management team, independent intellectual property rights and the platform of the New Third Board, adhere to the endogenous growth and extension expansion of the two-wheel-drive to develop steadily through equity, mergers and acquisitions and strategic cooperation. By 2021, Longxiang sales revenue will reach 1 billion yuan, total assets of more than 1 billion yuan, profits and taxes respectively over 100 million yuan. Through sticking to the path of continuous innovation and development, developing safe, efficient and low-toxicity new veterinary drugs and serving the animal husbandry wholeheartedly, Longxiang will be transformed into a global scientific and technological animal protection enterprise with new veterinary APIs and differentiated preparations of high quality.