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Good safety emergency fire fighting

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  On April 20, 2017, Wuxue City Fire Squadron and our company jointly completed a fire drill at the company's production base.
  The drill was led by Zeng Xuehan, the squadron leader of the Wuxue City Fire Squadron, and dispatched 5 fire engines and 25 fire officers. Among them, the company dispatched a fire engine, five full-time firefighters, and arranged for supervisors and above to observe and study. The joint exercise is a simulated fire extinguishing exercise after the ethanol tank leaks and catches fire.
Wuxue fire squadron Zeng Xuehan squadron leader drill before training
  Before the start of the exercise, under the leadership of Mr. Wu Zuzhang, the deputy general manager of our company's security, the fire officers and men conducted inspections of the company's production workshops, warehouses, and firefighting facilities, and were familiar with the company's dangerous hazards and dangerous control points.
Check production workshop
Check firefighting facilities
  During the drill, a foam fire engine and fire-fighting high-spray truck were used as the main vehicles, a fire engine was used as a monitoring vehicle, and two fire engines were used as water supply vehicles. The foam fire truck has two moving swing cannons and two foam guns to extinguish fire on the ground at the fire point. The high sprayer sprays water from the air and sprays water to cool the surrounding tanks.
Practice site foam guns and swing gun suppression
Employees are watching
  After the exercise, the Wuxue fire squadron leader Zeng Xuehan and the company's vice president Wu Zuzhang summed up the joint drill and called on everyone to raise awareness of fire safety, study hard fire safety knowledge, encounter unexpected accidents, calmly respond, and effectively The implementation of fire safety work into the actual work, and announced that this fire joint exercise has been a complete success.
Captain Zeng made a final summary
  Through this fire drill, the safety awareness of the company's employees was further strengthened, the feasibility and operability of the fire protection plan were verified, and the emergency rescue process was familiarized with, which played a powerful role in promoting the emergency command, coordination, and disposal capabilities. The future has laid a solid foundation for efficient and orderly implementation of emergency work.