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Jiangxi Xinmao Animal Husbandry Longxiang VIP Customer Wuxue Association

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  April 24, 2017 Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. In order to strengthen the company's contact with customers, invited Jiangxi Xinmao Longxiang VIP customers to visit and communicate with the company.

The customer team visited the production base located in Longli Wuli Industrial Park under the leadership of the company's vice president Wu Zuzhang.

During the visit, the strict quality management, advanced production equipment and mature technological process of Longxiang Pharmaceutical left a deep impression on the customer.

General Manager Chen Qingping speaks

  General Manager Chen Qingping explained the scale, culture and development direction of Longxiang Pharmaceuticals to customers, and put forward: “Taking the market as a guide, quality as a foundation, technology as a guide, management as a guarantee, and continuously enhancing customer value” Business concept. Get the customer's heartfelt recognition.
Customers visit the complex
  The organization of the company's visits not only established a good communication platform, but also enhanced the customers' comprehensive understanding of our company and enhanced the friendship between the customers and the company.