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Five-year profit is to be turned 10 times. This veterinary drug company has attracted wide attention in the Qingdao Animal Fair.

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(Contributed by Wu Weihua, a breeding information network, organized by the service department Dong Jing)


  From May 18th to 20th, the 15th (2017) China Animal Husbandry Expo and the 2017 China International Livestock Husbandry Fair were held in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, Shandong. The scale of the current livestock fair has steadily increased, with more than 130,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor exhibit space. There are more than 5,700 booths and more than 1,200 exhibiting companies, attracting more than 100,000 spectators. The elite team of Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. took the company's excellent products to participate in the show, and held a thank you dinner during the exhibition, which attracted the attention of many people in the industry.

Dinner scene

  On the evening of May 17th on the eve of the show, Hubei Longxiang held a thanksgiving customer dinner in Jimo City with the theme of “Innovation Quality Co-prosperity”, Vice President of Tianjin Ripu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Hu Wenqiang, Chairman of Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., Chen Qingping, General Manager of Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., and Luo Chongqing, Sales Director of Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., and the company's distributors who have always been concerned about the development of the company. The customer spent a good night together.
  Chen Qingping, general manager of Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co., Ltd., shared with the guests the research results of Longxiang Pharmaceuticals in recent years. The general manager of Chen Qingping stated that Longxiang Pharmaceuticals has always attached importance to research and innovation of products. The company is a postdoctoral innovation practice base in Hubei Province. The company's Engineering Technology Research Center and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan Engineering University, Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yangzhou University, etc. The colleges and universities have carried out long-term technological innovation work, successively won the second prize of Hubei Science and Technology Progress Award, Hubei Province Science and Technology Innovation Award, and other honorary titles. It is China's top ten veterinary raw material pharmaceutical production enterprises.
Chen Qingping, General Manager
  Chen Qingping, general manager of the company through a series of detailed technical indicators compared to the guests focused on the Longxiang company's florfenicol formulations, high-purity tilmicosing and other excellent products and domestic and foreign similar products. Chen Qingping, general manager, said that different manufacturers of products, the clinical effect is not the same. The strict quality control of raw materials is the prerequisite for guaranteeing the effect of Longxiang products; outstanding and outstanding process technologies make Longxiang products more effective in their drug efficacy; different metabolic processes also make Longxiang products play a better role. The clinical effect. For example, he said that 30% of Longxiang's water-soluble florfenicol powder has improved the water solubility and dissolution rate of the product through special inclusion techniques, inclusion materials, and special processes, and has solved fluorine better. Benicol is insoluble in water and has limited clinical administration methods.
  Chairman Hu Wenqiang shared his deep observations on the development of the Chinese farming and animal protection market. Chairman Hu Wenqiang said that the advancement of animal husbandry technology and the increasingly concentrated scale of farming, especially the operation mode of the industrial chain, have weakened the status of animal protection companies to a certain extent. The changes in the procurement model of aquaculture enterprises further promotes the animal protection companies to respond to the market by improving product quality and service capabilities. New ideas in the development of the industry and new concepts in the Internet era have profoundly affected the development of the industry. The elements of competition in the industry are changing quietly. The animal protection companies are shifting from focusing on self-success to focusing on customer success. The industry has a new logic; technology is also becoming the core driving force behind the development of the industry, and capital has become a powerful booster for the development of the industry.

Hu Wenqiang Chairman
  Chairman Hu Wenqiang demonstrated to the guests that Lung Cheung was very aggressive. He said that Long Xiang had been listed on the New Third Board on March 14 this year (stock code 871082)。 The new three board is a new starting point for Longxiang and also heralds the new glory of Longxiang. In the future, the company will rely on the profound industrial experience of the management team, relying on independent intellectual property rights and the new 3rd board platform, and adhere to the two-wheel drive of endogenous growth and extension, and will steadily develop through various methods such as equity, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic cooperation. By 2021, the company's sales revenue will reach 1 billion yuan, its total assets will exceed 1 billion yuan, and its profits and taxes will each exceed 100 million yuan.
  At this year's Livestock Fair, Lung Cheung carried three types of new veterinary drugs: madoxifloxacin, valmistericin hydrochloride, and varenicilloline hydrochloride premix; tilmicosin phosphate soluble powder and tilmicosin phosphate 2 Three batches of new veterinary drugs and a number of outstanding products, a new appearance debut, won the attention of many exhibitors.
Long Xiang team unveiled the Livestock Fair
Chen Qingping, General Manager and Customer Exchange
Luo Clarifies Directors and Customers
  It is understood that through technical innovation, many products of Hubei Longxiang have been successfully registered in more than 30 developed countries and regions such as Germany, Belgium, Japan, Iran, Spain, Mexico, and South Korea; they are the raw material medicines of the top 10 large-scale preparation plants in China. Major suppliers; The company's products are highly recognized by users at home and abroad, with more than 600 international and domestic customers. And have the right to import and export, foreign exchange earning more than 10 million US dollars.
  Luo Clarified that the Director stated that Long Xiang hoped to fully communicate with the dealers and customers who came to visit through this livestock fair, on the one hand, to make the industry pay more attention to understanding the company and on the other hand, to understand the latest customer needs. And product suggestions, in order to better follow the path of continuous innovation and development, develop safe, highly effective, low-toxicity new veterinary drugs, wholeheartedly serve the livestock industry, and make Longxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. a high-quality new-type veterinary raw material for the world. And feature preparations of technology-based dynamic protection companies.