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Innovation Quality Co-prosperity

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  —— Inscriptions of Longxiang Pharmaceuticals exhibited at the Livestock Fair and thanksgiving customer appreciation dinner
  On the evening of May 17, 2017, Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Longxiang Pharmaceutical”) held a dinner of appreciation in Qingdao, Shandong Province, with the participation of the East China Wind Farm of the 15th China Animal Husbandry Exhibition (Figure 1)。 ) Thanks to customers who have supported Lung Cheung Pharmaceutical for many years and promoted its successful listing of “New Three Boards” Lung Cheung veterinary products in 2017. Mr. Hu Wenqiang, Executive Vice President of Rip Group, Chairman of Longxiang Pharmaceutical (Figure 2), Mr. Chen Qingping, General Manager of Longxiang Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Luo Clarence, Sales Director of Longxiang Pharmaceuticals, and Luxi Lunan Region of Longxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. About 70 people, including senior managers of the company, Mr. Guo Dongliang, regional manager of Luzhong Ludong, Mr. Liu Jun, and friends from all over the country and friends from Shandong aquaculture were invited to the dinner.
Figure 1 Thank you for the evening banquet
Figure 2 Chairman Hu Wenqiang
  The reception party hosted a video clip and preparation sales team for the warm video on the new Third Board listing meeting of Longxiang Pharmaceuticals. The young guys kicked off the “I Believe” MTV lead singer at the company's annual meeting.
  Subsequently, Mr. Chen Qingping, General Manager of Longxiang Pharmaceuticals, exchanged views on the progress of product development in the past few years with the guests (Figure 3)。 He first introduced the development of the company's R&D team: The company currently has more than 20 R&D teams consisting of several senior and senior researchers, and several doctoral and masters. Then, Chen introduced the company's achievements in the field of innovation research: First, three studies of APIs, namely florfenicol API, tilmicosin API and injection grade florfenicol.
Figure 3 General Manager Chen Qingping introduces the company's product development
  According to Chen's introduction, Longxiang Pharmaceuticals independently developed a patented technology—chiral separation technology (Patent No. ZL201010145819.9)—in the florfenicol bulk drug, which can be correctly distinguished (have antibacterial Active) Levorotatory and (no antibacterial activity) D-rotor, and can accurately determine the content of these two isomers in the drug substance; the application of this technology makes Longxiang Pharmaceutical florfenicol bulk drugs The optical purity is 5% to 8% higher than the optical purity of the florfenicol raw materials of other manufacturers on the market. In terms of the study of tilmicosol, the purity of Longxiang Pharmaceutical is required to reach 96%, which is more than 10% higher than the 85% regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture, which greatly reduces the impurity content of raw material medicine, and leads to the production of The formulation has fewer side effects and the clinical effect is more pronounced. In the injection-grade florfenicol study, injections made with Longxiang injection grade florfenicol raw materials are light in color and stable after long-term storage.
  Mr. Chen said that the second item is the study of differentiated preparations, including the study of florfenicol sustained-release granules, tilmicosin enteric-coated granules, 30% high-level florfenicol soluble powder and other specialty preparations. Aspects.
  In his speech, Mr. Chen pointed out that Longxiang Pharmaceuticals was looking for the reasons for the clinical effects of domestically produced 10% florfenicol powder on the market as compared with the case of Schering-Plough 2% florfenicol, and ultimately used multiple technologies after finding out the reasons. Fluorenicol sustained-release granules were produced. The plasma concentration of this product was higher than the MIC level in 23.8 hours, basically reaching the full coverage of Schering-Plough 24.1h. On the study of licoficoxin enteric-coated granules, Longxiang Pharmaceutical used coating technology, enteric-coating technology, and high-quality coating materials to achieve fixed-point drug release in the intestine, which solved the problems of bitterness and stomach damage in the drug. Drug dissolution test showed that the release of tilmicosin enteric-coated granules from Longxiang Pharmaceuticals does not exceed 4% in the porcine stomach, 85% after 60 minutes in the intestinal environment, and 96% after 75 minutes. . Longxiang Pharmaceutical also produced 30% high-level florfenicol soluble powders using inclusion technology and special production processes. After 15 minutes, the product was completely dissolved in water and dispersed evenly; after 60 minutes, the aqueous solution continued to be transparent, and the solution was clear at the concentration of 1200 mg/kg. Longxiang Pharmaceutical has also developed special preparations such as vinegar granules of water, doxycycline water-soluble granules and florfenicol-soluble granules.
  In introducing the company's latest developments, Chen pointed out that the company also continued to develop anti-coccidial and anti-parasitic raw materials and preparations, and florfenicol phosphate raw materials. The company also plans to study new florfenicol injections and antibacterial booster APIs.
  General Manager Chen Qingping concluded his speech by summarizing that Longxiang Pharmaceutical is first and foremost a company committed to innovation, committed to research and development, and constantly providing high-quality raw materials or differentiated preparations for customers and businesses, hoping to help customers improve their aquaculture production levels. Reducing aquaculture production costs and maximizing the benefits of aquaculture customers are the pursuit of Longxiang Pharmaceutical.
  Finally, Mr. Hu Wenqiang, Chairman of Longxiang Pharmaceuticals, made a speech (Figure 4)。 He first summed up the speech delivered by General Manager Chen Qingping: Longxiang Pharmaceuticals specializes in high-quality raw materials and special-purpose preparations. Afterwards, Mr. Hu explained the theme of this dinner: “Innovation Quality, Co-Prosperity and Co-Prosperity”。 He pointed out that in the current social environment, animal protection companies and aquaculture companies are complementary to each other. The value of a company does not depend on how big you are doing. It is not how advanced your product is. The core is the quantity and quality of your customers. In introducing the development plan for Longxiang Pharmaceutical in the next five years, Hu Dong said that by 2021, the company's sales revenue will reach 1 billion yuan, total assets of 1.05 billion yuan, net profit of 126 million yuan, tax revenue of 105 million yuan, and the number of employees will exceed 1,000. people. To achieve this goal, Long Xiang is now implementing a new production transformation.
Figure 4 Chairman Hu Wenqiang's speech
  Finally, Hu Dong, on behalf of Lung Cheung Pharmaceutical, thanked the guests for their support!
  The welcome dinner kicked off with the host's heartfelt wishes. Early the next morning, the team of Longxiang Pharmaceuticals and all the guests took a car to the Qingdao International Expo Center in Wenquan Town of Jimo to visit the 15th China Animal Husbandry Exhibition. This year was the first time that Longxiang Pharmaceutical independently participated in the exhibition. Its booth is located at E3 Hall (Figure 5)。