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Longxiang Pharmaceutical wishes you a well-being in the Dragon Boat Festival!

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  “The Dragon Boat Festival has been rumored to be Qu Yuan. The ridiculous Chu River is empty and cannot be washed straight.” Jurassic has no intention of highlighting the true qualities of heroes, and the Dragon Boat Festival sentiments to write the soul of the nation. For more than two thousand years, the Dragon Boat Festival has been a national folk festival of national fitness, epidemic prevention, avoidance of detoxification, turbidity removal, insecticidal sterilization, and pray for health. Dragon Boat Festival, a nation, a kind of spirit that tens of thousands of people waiting to wait … … This has built a monument of national spirit. During the Dragon Boat Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival mid-afternoon, the great poets of “Yi Xiangwei's resigned words and outstanding masterpieces” left us, but the thoughts that crossed time and space and the poems such as “Lisao” illuminated the Chinese nation and gave us nostalgia for long enough. poetry.
  Traditional festivals are the carriers of the Chinese nation's culture. They play a role in keeping the roots of the Chinese nation and promoting the spirit of the nation. Our dream of Longxiang is the goal of Longxiang employees and the hidden force of spiritual influence. The dream of Longxiang employees was cast by Longxiang Dream, and it has been continuously and intensively studied year after year. Leading Longxiang to create green, high-efficiency and safe animal protection products, adhere to the development of high-quality and innovative veterinary raw materials, use its own high-quality raw materials to develop specialty preparations, and constantly excavate and guide customer needs to meet the individual needs of customers. We will develop medical raw material medicines in a timely manner. From the point of view of sales strategy, we must adhere to both the domestic market and the foreign market. We are committed to serving large domestic pharmaceutical companies and high-end customers in European, American and Japanese international normative markets. We will continue to enhance customer stickiness through the use of Internet technologies. Create a community business model.
  What is “Dragon Dream”? ——Technology-based dynamic protection companies of high-quality new-type veterinary raw material medicines and specialty preparations. “Dragon Dream” condenses in the heart, melts in the line, planted in the soul. Belongs to every dragon xiang person. Ren Duanxing shifts, the situation changes, and the vast sea is mulberry, and the dream is still there, such as the starry sky. For more than a decade, every Luang Cheung employee has brilliance and shines in every eye that is ordinary but not mediocre. “Longxiang Dream” will finally come true, the dream is ahead, the road is at the foot!
  With a long-lasting friendship, inheriting the national spirit and the dream of “Longxiang Dream,” let us write a most magnificent poem with our footprints.
  Dear customer friend:
  I sincerely thank you for your support and love for our work. At the dawn of the Dragon Boat Festival, see WeChat. “Longxiang Pharmaceutical” brings you special wishes and wishes you and your family health, good luck and happiness! Dragon Boat Festival Ankang!