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Our company participated in the 17th Shanghai CPHI exhibition

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  From June 20th to June 22nd, the 17th Shanghai CPHI Exhibition was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Our company was chaired by Chairman Hu Wenqiang and General Manager Chen Qingping, who were involved in the sales and procurement departments.

  Shanghai CPHI Exhibition is a stage for “display, trade, exchange, and cooperation” in the pharmaceutical raw material medicine industry. It involves the research and development, production, operation, and service of pharmaceuticals. It is the venue for the industry pulse and latest trends in the raw material medicine sector. It was first held in 2000. It is held once a year in Shanghai, the financial center of China, and has held 17 sessions in 2017. The exhibition attracted more than 2,500 companies to exhibit in more than 130 countries and regions on five continents. Over 10,000 overseas professional buyers visited the exhibition. The influence of radiation worldwide, is the pharmaceutical industry to open up the international and domestic markets an important channel.
  The exhibition will showcase the brand new image of Lung Cheung Pharmaceutical and the new orientation of Lung Cheung products. It will be a beautiful beginning and provide a broader platform for everyone to promote mutual exchanges and cooperation.
  Longxiang Company's exhibition hall is located in Hall W3, with an area of 65 square meters. The booth design is based on the theme of green and white corporate colors, high-end, atmosphere, eye-catching, fully reflects the concept of Lung Cheung to green environmental protection and human health.
During the exhibition, our company was full of people and crowds of people. Visitors who came to inquire about product information were in an endless stream. Old and new friends gathered together.
  General Manager Chen Qingping personally receives customers, brings in sales personnel to introduce products for new and old customers, communicates with customers, communicates, negotiates, understands the individual needs of customers, answers questions for each guest, and explains the market conditions and product quality of each product. The process features, product advantages and other aspects have been discussed in depth with customers, exploring product development cooperation space, looking for cooperation mode, and well received by customers. Especially sought after by merchants from France, Canada, Japan, South Korea, India, Spain, and Italy, they believe that products are of high purity, good quality and excellent quality. They have signed orders and require long-term cooperation.
  Through the three-day exhibition, we learned about the latest developments in the industry, trained our sales force, improved the brand awareness of the company, found new opportunities for cooperation, and established an atmosphere of mutual trust and cooperation to further develop the company and further create a global ” “High-quality veterinary APIs and differentiated formulations of innovative companies” have created favorable conditions.