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Lung Cheung Pharmaceutical passed quality audit of French Virbac company

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  On July 5-7, 2017, experts from the top 10 French Virbac companies in the world braved the heat to arrive at the raw material drug production base of Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. and conducted a two-day quality audit on Longxiang Pharmaceutical.
  Accompanied by Mr. Wu Zuzhang, Deputy General Manager of Longxiang Pharmaceutical Quality, the experts of French Virbac Company listened to the introduction of the company's profile by the responsible person in charge, and audited the process flow of our company's plant, production equipment and processes according to the European quality standards for APIs. , organizations, production management personnel, document records, quality control, etc. were rigorously reviewed, all in line with quality auditing standards, with the ability to supply related products. The two auditing experts were very serious when they were checking. They watched as they walked, and asked questions in order to break the casserole. They did not miss any doubts. The rigorous work attitude left a deep impression on our staff.
  On the afternoon of the 7th, the two-day quality audit ended and our company successfully passed. The two auditors commented that Longxiang Pharmaceutical has clean, strict management, high-quality staff, advanced technology, sophisticated equipment and strict GMP management, and good product quality. It is worthy of being a safe, stable and reliable supply of Virbac in France. Business. Wu Zuzhang, the deputy general manager of quality, said that this quality audit should be used as an opportunity to further enhance the quality of employees and produce more and better medicines to satisfy the needs of French and international customers.
  In the end, Mr. Lin Zichuan, deputy general manager of foreign trade, Mr. Wu Zuzhang, deputy general manager of quality and foreign trade personnel, and two auditors from France's Virbac company took pictures in front of the factory gate.