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2017 half-year summary conference successfully convened

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  After taking the lead and looking forward to the amount of eyes, I forge ahead and start again. On July 15, 2017, Longxiang Pharmaceutical's 2017 Semi-annual Summary Conference was held in the conference room of the Longxiang Pharmaceutical Company Complex. Mr. Hu Wenqiang, Chairman of the company, Mr. Chen Qingping, General Manager, Qu Xiaojian, Board Secretary, and the person in charge of the above persons attended the meeting.


The conference was chaired by Deputy General Manager Mr. Wu Zuzhang.









The participants carefully listened to the work reports of various departments. Chairman Hu Wenqiang made comments on the work reports of various departments.

  The last chairman, Hu Wenqiang, fully affirmed Lung Cheung's achievements in the first half of the year and encouraged him to make persistent efforts in the second half of the year. He asked the employees of Long Xiang to “re-define themselves” and strive for the “five-one project”。

Recalling the past years, Longxiang Pharmaceuticals continued its successful performance; the future of the show is full of hope, and several heroes also look at Longxiang Pharmaceutical!
Concentric, same-road, peers. 2017, we are together!