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The world's first, national standard product - tilmicosin enteric-coated particles

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  Porcine diseases such as blue ear disease, swine pseudorabies, porcine asthma, porcine infectious pleuropneumonia and other respiratory diseases are the main diseases that affect the development of the pig industry in China and have caused huge economic losses to the pig industry in China. Tilmicosin has many excellent properties such as broad-spectrum antibacterial activity and remarkable efficacy, so it is being accepted by more and more people and put into aquaculture applications, especially for the treatment of respiratory disease in domestic animals, at home and abroad. Application plays an important role.
  Problems with existing tilmicosin dosage forms
  Currently only premixes are approved for tilmicosin for pigs. However, tilmicosin is poor in palatability, and its bitterness is heavy. Therefore, common tilmicosin premixes may cause pigs to reduce feed intake, lack of drug intake, affect animal growth performance, and drugs when they are fed with spices. treatment effect.
  Existing premixes use flavoring agents to mask bitterness. However, the masking effect of the bitter taste of tilmicosin is not obvious, and it is still difficult to obtain good palatability. After oral administration of tilmicosin, there are certain adverse reactions to the gastrointestinal tract, such as nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. And tilmicosin is unstable to acid and easily destroyed by stomach acid.
  Tilmicosin enteric-coated granules
  In order to better adapt to market demands and facilitate clinical application, Longxiang Pharmaceuticals developed a special enteric coating material to develop tilmicosin enteric-coated granules, which basically obstructed the contact between the drug and the taste buds, completely obscuring the bitter taste. Improves the palatability of tilmicosin drugs. The intestinal dissolution of the drug is also achieved, avoiding the irritation of the drug to the stomach and the damage of the stomach acid to the drug. Compared with tilmicosin premix, the bioavailability of tilmicosin enteric-coated particles increased by 40.96%.
  Product advantages
  1. Unique and unique dosage form: It is the first domestic and even world-wide licoficoxin enteric-coated granular veterinary drug preparation and four new national veterinary drugs.

  2, masking bitterness, good medicine is no longer bitter: the use of advanced coating technology, the top of the fluidized bed equipment, tilmicosin enteric-coated particles encapsulation rate as high as 100%, to avoid the damage of high temperature on tilmicosin, Improve the stability of the drug, but also completely solved the bitter taste of tilmicosin.
  3, good fluidity, easy to mix: Extrusion spheronization process to effectively control the size of the finished particle size, twice the screening process to ensure that more than 90% of the product is concentrated in the 20-60 mesh.
  4. Sustained release enteric dissolution, fixed-point release, stronger drug efficacy: After enteric-coated tilmicosin enteric-coated granules through oral enteric-coated preparations, they are not released in the stomach, but are released slowly and slowly in the intestine, both to avoid drugs The stimulation of the stomach and the destruction of the drug by gastric acid also avoids the cardiotoxicity caused by the rapid release of the drug causing sudden overdose of the drug.
  5. Reducing drug residues and improving safety: Completely using water instead of organic solvents to formulate the coating solution reduces the problem of organic solvent residues and improves drug safety.
  6, easy to use: special coating materials, tilmicosin enteric-coated particles can be dry spices and wet ingredients.
  Clinical application
  1, for the treatment of infectious pleuropneumonia caused by mycoplasma, Actinobacillus, Pasteurella, Haemophilus parasites, streptococcus, etc., pig lung disease, swine atrophic rhinitis, pig gasping disease.
  2, for the treatment of porcine circovirus, blue ear disease, pseudorabies, swine flu and other viruses and bacteria mixed infection caused by cough asthma and other respiratory diseases.
  20% Tilmicosin enteric-coated granule clinical health care recommended program
  【Usage and Dosage】Measured by tilmicosin. Mixed feeding: Each 1000kg of feed, pig 200 ~ 400g, used for 15 days. (Clinical follow doctor's advice)
  【product specifications】 (1) 20% (2) 40%
  【Drug withdrawal period】 Pigs on the 14th.