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Carry out “Autumn Student Aid” Warm Lung Cheung employees

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  “Working in Longxiang is so happy. The company not only cares about the employees, but also cares about the growth and education of our employees' children. This year my child was admitted to university. Mr. Chen Qingping, general manager of the company, personally gave us a financial aid. If you have any difficulties, you can also find a company's trade union and give relevant help.” After accepting the aid for the school, the employees of Lung Cheung are grateful for their gratitude.


  “The grant of bursaries will help the children of Lung Cheung who are about to embark on the new journey of life.” On September 2nd, 2017, the 2017 “Golden Autumn Student Aid” symposium was held in the conference room of Lung Cheung Company. An excellent student child college student receives a scholarship.




  At the symposium, Mr. Chen Qingping, general manager of Longxiang Pharmaceuticals, first congratulated all the parents of employees who entered the universities. Inspire the children of Longxiang employees to establish lofty ideals, study assiduously, work harder, and realize their own life value and social value.



  The “Autumn Scholarship” campaign of Longxiang Pharmaceutical has been carried out for decades and has become institutionalized. Effectively, the company has established a coordinated pattern of learning aids, continuously broadening the channels for poverty alleviation, and innovating the carriers and means of student education activities to build a harmonious enterprise.