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With the evidence, the enteric-coated granular type tilmicosine has obtained the Ministry of Agriculture's new veterinary drug c

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Lung Cheung Pharmaceutical released new “Lung Cheung for the new music”

With the database of the Central Institute of Supervision, the search results for Tilmicosin products can be as much as 126 pages. Injections, solutions, and premixes occupy the absolute market. Tilmicosin granules can be described as extremely rare. “The licoricoside enteric-coated granules obtained the Ministry of Agriculture's veterinary drug certificate, demonstrating that its quality and technology are recognized and have a standard.” Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (below 200 participants) Referred to as Long Xiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.'s “Global Entertaimental Rice Initiative” event, Liao Rongkui, a dealer in Henan Province, said so.

Roundtable Forum
  ”The existing tilmicosin preparations are generally injections, premixes, and solutions. Newly marketed tilmicosin formulations include tilmicosin phosphate soluble powder, tilmicosin concentrate, and tilmicosin enteric “The granules,” said Professor Wu Shijin from the School of Veterinary Medicine at Yangzhou University, said that oral administration or injection of appropriate doses of antibiotics is feasible for small groups of animals or for individual animals. However, for large group animals or animals under intensive culture conditions, this The medicine is impractical. The only suitable method of administration to large groups of animals is via drinking water or feed. Many breeders prefer to administer by drinking water, but this method of administration requires a relatively complex dosing device and ensures that there is no material in the water supply and storage tank that could cause degradation of the active ingredient. However, there are numerous dosage forms for the administration of feeds and they have universal applicability. Because drinking water administration may be effective in some units, only mixed feeding is suitable for various breeding scales and intensive feeding conditions, so mixed feeding is the most widely used and has few management problems.
  Wu Wenqiang, chairman of Longxiang Pharmaceuticals, stated that there will be no major growth in total aquaculture in the future, but structural adjustment will intensify; due to economic reasons, demand will not grow much. He said that more than 40% of animal-sourced foods are consumed by the group, and only 20% of the residents' consumption. The deep processing of food falls and export restrictions are still the bottleneck. He believes that the space for the development of industries relying on economic growth is no longer alive, and the frantic investment caused by survival, sexual impulses, and desire for greatness still exists.
  “However, tilmicosin is unstable to acid, easily destroyed by stomach acid, and has low oral bioavailability, coupled with poor palatability. Therefore, it is difficult to ensure that animals receiving adequate tilmicosin can be consumed by ordinary premix drugs. , And then affect the efficacy.” Bu Shijin said, so the development of tasteless gastrointestinal stability of the new preparation of tilmicosin as a pharmaceutical company's efforts.
Professor Yang Shaozhou College of Veterinary Medicine
  Wang Jianhua, director of the Institute of Livestock and Poultry Diseases and Veterinary Medicine at the Chongqing Animal Husbandry Academy, also stated that some companies will not be able to cure the disease after strictly following the pharmacopoeia to produce veterinary drugs. In comparison, foreign-funded products have the advantage of having a fast peak plasma concentration and maintaining effective blood concentration for a long time. The reason for this is because in addition to content, we must also pay attention to potency. He said that after considering the use of veterinary drugs, whether the body is rapidly discharged from the body, or the drugs entering the body are quickly metabolized, how much of the last effective drug is, and how long it takes to maintain effective concentration.
Wang Jianhua, director of Institute of Livestock and Poultry Diseases and Veterinary Medicine, Chongqing Animal Husbandry Academy
  Wang Jianhua introduced that there are significant differences in the bioavailability of different crystal forms, as well as the impurity content of raw materials, the effect of solvents on drug absorption, and the influence of excipients on the absorption of solid preparations, all of which will affect the drug titer. He said that drugs can be divided into drug substances and preparations, and the preparations are mainly drugs + adjuvants. The preparation can achieve accurate positioning and delivery of the target component; the dosage form of the preparation can change the action properties of the drug, determine the speed of action of the drug and reduce or eliminate the side effects of the drug. The dosage form can determine or influence the drug efficacy, stability and safety, and the drug preparation Can make drugs play its role as “drug” and effect.
  Therefore, he believes that starting from the main drug, improve the quality of the preparation. The goal of the main drug treatment is to achieve high potency and to solve the common problems of clinical drug use, such as poor chemical stability, poor water solubility, poor lipophilicity, poor taste, irritation, poor oral absorption, strong first-pass effect, and short biological half-life. Targeting is not strong, toxic side effects, easy to produce drug resistance. The animal-specific preparation technologies include inclusion, coating, coating, embedding, skeleton, sustained release and the like.
Lung Cheung Pharmaceutical R & D Manager Wang Dunhui
  Wang Xianghui, R&D manager of Longxiang Pharmaceuticals, introduced that the use of imported enteric coating materials for Lele new and coating at room temperature does not affect the stability of tilmicosin, and the advanced formula ensures that particles will rapidly collapse in animals. Solution, release, coating with water instead of organic solvents, improve safety and reduce environmental pollution.
  Wu Donglin, director of Longxiang Pharmaceutical Testing Center, said that the rate of encapsulation of Lung Cheung has reached over 98%, which is higher than 80% of the standards in the Pharmacopoeia; its dissolution in the stomach is about 1% in the intestine. The dissolution amount is about 95%, while the national standard's gastric dissolution limit is as high as 10%, and the intestinal dissolution amount is only 70% or more.
Wu Xianglin, director of Longxiang Pharmaceutical Testing Center, and two assistants demonstrated the effect of Long Xiang on the new music.
  In addition, Chen Qingping, general manager of Longxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said that in the trial, high-purity tilmicosin was better than low-grade tilmicosin at the same concentration. Therefore, when the national standard has only 85% or more of the content, Longxiang Pharmaceutical's high-purity tilmicosin standard achieves more than 96%. And both individual impurities and total impurities are significantly lower than the national standard.
Long Xiang Pharmaceutical Industry General Manager Chen Qingping
  According to Bu Shijin, Longxiang Pharmaceuticals has developed a special enteric coating material to develop tilmicosin enteric coated granules to block the contact between the drug and the taste buds and to mask the bitterness. This not only greatly improves the palatability of tilmicosin drugs. , Also achieved the drug's intestinal dissolution, to avoid the drug's stimulation of the stomach and gastric acid damage to the drug. “Compared with tilmicosin premix, the relative bioavailability of tilmicosin enteric-coated particles reached 140.96%, nearly doubled.”
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