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Hubei Lung Cheung Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the 2017 Xiamen API show

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  From November 15 to November 17, 2017, the 79th China International Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Intermediates, Packaging and Equipment Fair was held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center and hosted by Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions Co., Ltd. The exhibition, which lasted for 3 days, attracted more than 700 leading manufacturers of APIs, more than 300 auxiliary materials suppliers, over 300 top-quality pharmaceutical packaging enterprises, over 200 well-known pharmaceutical equipment enterprises and more than 30,000 professional visitors from home and abroad Come together.
  Hubei Lung Cheung Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, the main new animal veterinary drugs and preparations, and engaged in research and development, production and sales, with import and export right. The exhibition is to further explore the international and domestic markets; in the international and domestic markets to fully display the company's quality products, improve the company's international and domestic visibility and influence, to seek more high-level cooperation; the use of this exhibition and cooperation for many years Many old customers to communicate face to face, grow together, work together for a better tomorrow!



  At 9:00 on November 15, the opening of the Expo, the staff responsible for the exhibition arrived in advance to the venue, and actively prepare for the reception of customers.




  During the exhibition, come to Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. booth visit, consulting an endless stream of customers. The main push the company several flagship product and in recent years, florfenicol, for the test system developed new products, many domestic and foreign merchants have a strong interest in the products of Lung Cheung, have left contact information to For further information about Lung Cheung and related product information, many customers signed a large number of orders on the spot.




  Hubei Lung Cheung Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Chen Qingping with the exhibitors and business partners cordial conversation and take a group photo.
  On the evening of November 14, Longxiang Pharma held a thank-you dinner in the theme of ”win-win cooperation and symbiotic co-existence“ in Xiamen. Chen Qingping, general manager of Longxiang Pharmaceutical and director of sales of Longxiang Pharmaceutical Zhang Dengou, Lin Zichuan and other staff, and has been concerned about supporting the development of the company's distributors, customers spend a wonderful night.

Hubei Lung Cheung Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. Chen Qingping, general manager of exhibitors took a group photo.


Hubei Lung Cheung Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Chen Qingping dinner speech
  This is an industry feast, but also a harvest trip. Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. to bring a variety of dominant products debut 2017 China International Pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, packaging, equipment trade fair, to further expand business visibility, display business ideas and brand image at the same time, we Also brought back many customers and dealers, friends, valuable advice; companies will also take this as an opportunity to understand the industry developments, keep up with market opportunities, rationally face the market demand, always maintain the innovative thinking of development for the company to further develop in the future As well as to further create a global ”high-quality veterinary drug raw materials and differentiation of innovative enterprises“ and create favorable conditions.