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New era, new starting point, new brilliance ---- The opening ceremony of the new animal raw material construction project of Hub

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  In the spring of March, spring is warm, and Vientiane is refreshing and inspiring. On March 15th, in the festive days when the two National Conferences were successfully held, the opening ceremony of the new animal raw material construction project of Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was held in the Makou Industrial Park of Tianzhen.
  Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is one of the top ten veterinary raw material pharmaceutical manufacturers in China, a national key high-tech enterprise, and an innovative enterprise in Hubei Province. Won a number of honorary titles in the country, Hubei Province, Huanggang City and Wuxue City, with a number of invention patents and new veterinary drug certificates. Has become a well-known enterprise and brand enterprise in the industry. Products are recognized and welcomed by international and domestic users.
  Starting from the start of the project, the company attached great importance to the construction of the new project and established a high starting point and high requirements for the project. In the design, construction, supervision, equipment, according to the industry's highest international standards to plan. At the same time, it selected domestic first-rate budget units, first-rate supervision units, and first-rate construction units. After the project is completed, the company will use first-class equipment, facilities and first-rate environmental protection facilities. Ensure that the project construction meets the expected quality goals and production targets. It has become a benchmarking company for pharmaceutical and chemical production in the central region and a model project.
  The new veterinary raw material construction project has a total investment of 360 million yuan, covers an area of 120,000 square meters, and the construction area is 60,000 square meters. There will be 8 synthesis workshops, 14 new types of raw material pharmaceutical product production lines and corresponding environmental protection, warehousing, and office operations. Quality inspection and other ancillary facilities. After the completion of the project, the annual production capacity will reach 10-12 billion yuan, which indicates that Longxiang Pharmaceutical has taken another solid step toward the “Five-one Project” and the international high-end market, and will become another development in the history of Longxiang Pharmaceutical. Important milestones.
  (“Five-one Project”: By 2021, the company's sales revenue will reach 1 billion yuan, total assets exceeding 1 billion yuan, profits and taxes exceeding 100 million yuan respectively, and employing 1,000 people)