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Science and technology leads agricultural innovation and drive development -- longxiang appeared in Agricultural Hi-Tech Expo

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On Oct. 22nd, the 26th China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Expo (the 26th Agricultural Hi-Tech Expo for short) opened at Yangling demonstration area.


This expo, whose theme was “New Agricultural, New countryside, New farmer”, focused on the strategy of innovation-driven development and the strategy of rural revitalization, closely chased beyond positioning and the "five solid" requirements, vigorously developed the "three economies", fully played to the new advantages and role of Yangling demonstration area, did our best to promote “one belt on road” international agricultural cooperation and exchanges and the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, helped win the battle against poverty and make positive contributions to opening wider to higher-level development, promoting high-quality development and building China into a strong agricultural country.


There were altogether eight exhibition halls, four indoor exhibition halls and four outdoor exhibition areas, with a total exhibition area of 180,000 square meters and 2,350 standard booths in the expo. Among them, the four indoor halls mainly focused on exhibition and trading of agricultural high-tech achievements and international cooperation in modern agriculture, host 40 exhibitions such as Shanghai cooperation organization agricultural exhibition, International seed industry exhibition, National exhibition on innovation in agricultural science and technology and Digital agriculture exhibition. Four outdoor exhibition areas host agricultural double establishment exhibition, agricultural machinery exhibition, modern agriculture demonstration area exhibition and stuff.


Hubei province has 10 national agricultural science and technology areas, whose construction are adhering to "one area one concept", strive to solve the outstanding problems relying on scientific and technological innovation in the development of China's agriculture, forming a mode that can be copied and popularized, promote the level of agricultural sustainable development, promote agricultural comprehensive upgrade, the overall progress in rural areas and farmers' all-round development.


Hubei provincial department of science and technology selected 10 enterprises from the areas, such as longxiang, xiaohuya, Mipopo, to participate in the expo, showing a large number of outstanding achievements.


Mr. Wu Linzhang, director of the provincial department of science and technology, visited the booths to understand their scientific achievements and guide their work.

The results of the exhibition attracted a large number of government staff, enterprises staff and agricultural staff to visit and exchange, and the exhibition was a complete success.