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Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the quality audit of French CEVA company

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  On the morning of December 1, 2016, the manager and the auditor of the Quality Management Department of CEVA, France, traveled to Longping Industrial Park in Wuxue City to conduct a three-year quality audit of Longxiang Pharmaceutical.

  Accompanied by Mr. Wu Zuzhang, deputy general manager of Longxiang Pharmaceuticals, in two days, two auditors warehousing (raw materials, finished products, packaging materials), synthetic production line site, purification zone, QC laboratory of Longxiang Pharmaceutical Detailed inspections were conducted on the air purification system, purified water system, and QA document management. The two auditors were very serious when they were checking. They both walked and looked at each other. They asked and tried to break through the casseroles and left no doubts. This left a deep impression on the Chinese personnel.

  On the afternoon of the 2nd, Mr. Chen Qingping, general manager of Longxiang Pharmaceuticals, met with two auditors and exchanged opinions. The two auditors said that Longxiang Pharmaceutical has a clean factory with strict management, high-quality employees, and good product quality. It is indeed a trusted supplier of French CEVA. Mr. Chen Qingping stated that it is an opportunity to take this quality audit as an opportunity to further improve the quality of its employees and produce more and better medicines to meet the needs of French and EU customers.

  Finally, Mr. Chen Qingping collaborated with two foreign auditors of Longxiang Pharmaceuticals and CEVA of France to take a picture in front of the factory gate.