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Longxiang Pharmaceutical Successfully Held "77th API and Longxiang Pharmaceutical Association"

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  November 16th, 2016 was a special day. Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. borrowed the “The 77th China International Pharmaceutical Raw Material Medicine, Intermediates, Packaging, Equipment Fair” and invited suppliers and customers all over the country. Qi Ju is known as Jiangcheng Wuhan, which is renowned for its willows and flowers. He held the “77th API and Longxiang Pharmacy Association” to discuss and discuss business with friends.

  The theme of this association is: innovation, quality, co-creation, and co-prosperity. The domestic customers participating in the conference are: Ripu Bio, Hebei Expedition, Guangdong Wenhua Dahuanong, New Century Minxing, Huabei Pharmaceutical, Sichuan Hengtong, Hunan Canon Zhenghe, Chengdu Xinheng, etc.; domestic large-scale distributor Yulin Guangcheng, Henan Jintang Jinan Xinbaoxing, etc.; feed enterprises Hunan Jiuding, Guanghan Zhengda, etc.; aquaculture group, Guangdong Wenshi, Fujian Shengnong, etc.; foreign customers are: Xiaohua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., VETHPARMA ANIMAL HEALTH, SL, Farmabase Saúde AnimalLtda. Ceva Santé Animale SA et al.

  During the three days of the conference, guests were transported by Lung Cheung Pharmaceutical. A total of more than 100 units were invited, more than 200 people attended and attended the dinner. The guests were arranged to stay at the five-star Hilton International Hotel in Wuhan. The conference process was very popular. The atmosphere is warm and unprecedented.

Guest admission

General Manager Chen Qingping gave a lecture on florfenicol

Chairman Hu Wenqiang spoke

  The executive vice president of the group company Mr. Hu Wenqiang personally attended the meeting and delivered a speech for the meeting. On behalf of Ripu Group, he thanked all the friends along the way for his sincere companionship of Longxiang Pharmaceuticals. He hoped to use this API conference to display the brand new image of Longxiang Pharmaceutical and the new brand of Longxiang products. Positioning, and take this as a good start, to provide a broader platform for everyone to promote mutual exchanges and cooperation.