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Warmly congratulate Longxiang Pharmaceutical as the outstanding animal protection enterprise in Hubei to debut the 6th China V

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  The 6th China Veterinary Drugs Congress in 2016, the 6th China Veterinary Drugs Conference jointly sponsored by the China Veterinary Drug Surveillance Agency and the China Veterinary Drugs Association was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, which has a reputation as a Tianfu country. The theme of this year's conference is “Presentation of industry outlook transmission information”, 12 key events such as the theme report meeting, academic lectures, corporate forums, research and information conferences, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, industry exhibitions, etc., effectively building industry exchanges. The cooperation platform shows new technologies, new products and new features of the veterinary drug industry.

President Hu Wenqiang of Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. took the company's key products to participate in the 6th China Veterinary Drugs Congress in 2016.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture Yu Kangzhen personally visited the exhibition group of the Hubei Sports Protection Association to inspect and guide the work.


Explaining Longxiang's new product “30% florfenicol soluble powder” to new and old friends

  At the 6th China Veterinary Drugs Conference, Longxiang Pharmaceuticals displayed its good image and specialty products to the national sports insurance peers. Longxiang Pharmaceuticals insisted on making innovations for the world's high-quality veterinary raw materials and specialty preparations. Type business!