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The backbone and relatives of Lung Cheung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and the New Year Acknowledgement Committee laid a solid found

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  In order to allow the family members of the employees to enter Longxiang, to integrate into Longxiang, to know the development of the enterprise and to realize the harmony and win-win situation between “small family” and “everyone”, Longxiang Pharmaceutical Company was established in Wuxue City on February 6, 2017. Tang Wines held the company's backbone and relatives New Year's greetings. The relatives' New Year appreciation meeting gathered more than 60 key employees and more than 90 family members.

  At 18 o'clock on February 6th, the Xinchun Thanksgiving party of the backbone and relatives of Longxiang Pharmaceutical Company kicked off the speech of the general manager Mr. Chen Qingping. On behalf of the company, President Chen expressed his sincere gratitude to all the family members and thanked the backbone families for their quiet efforts and support. In his speech, Chen Zong affirmed the brilliant achievements made in 2016. The development of Longxiang is inseparable from the hard work of all of you. It is inseparable from the support and understanding of your family members; Longxiang's take-off requires even the backbone of the company's employees. Ju Li, it is hoped that the family members of the backbone staff will continue to provide support.

  The combination of delicious food and visual feast on the dining table made the climax of the banquet a resounding applause. The company also specially designed a lucky draw program. Every family member who arrives can receive a lucky draw to participate in the lucky draw. The prize levels are the fourth, third, second and first prizes. Everyone has a prize and the winning rate is 100%. The guests in the audience were full of enthusiasm and all-you-can-drink exchanges. The whole dinner ended in a harmonious, warm and happy atmosphere, demonstrating the strong family culture of Longxiang.