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Cefquinome Sulfate

  product description
  The molecular formula of cefquinome sulfate is C23H24N6O5S2?H2SO4 and the molecular weight is 626.69.
  This product is white or light yellow crystalline powder;
  CAS N0.:118443-89-3
  The indications are mainly used for the treatment of Parasitic Haemophilus parasuis, pleuropneumonia, streptococcus, diarrhea, swine pneumoconiosis, and sows' mastitis-myometitis-agalactia syndrome (MMA) caused by multiple drug-resistant bacteria. Piglet encephalitis, arthritis, epidermitis, etc.
  1. In addition to the characteristics of the third generation cephalosporins, the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria can be rapidly penetrated. It is stable to β-lactamase and has low affinity and high affinity for penicillin-binding proteins.
  2, compared with the third generation of cephalosporins. Its intrinsic antibacterial activity is stronger than the third generation cephalosporins. The fourth-generation cephalosporins have a long plasma half-life and no nephrotoxicity.
  3. High activity, little clinical use, quick effect, rapid action, can play a role after one hour of use, and there is no drug residue and drug resistance, and there is no toxic side effect when used in excess.
  4. After special treatment, the drug particle size is very fine, the body is easy to absorb, the bioavailability is high, and the clinical effect is remarkable.
  5. There are two main preparations of this product: cefquinome sulfate injection and cefquinoline sulfate injection for injection.
  Usage and dosage:
  There are two main preparations for this product: cefquinome sulfate injection and cefquinoline sulfate injection for injection.
  Taking cefquinome meter, intramuscular injection once, 2 mg per kilogram body weight pig, 1 mg cattle, once a day, once every 3-5 days;
  Dairy cows were perfused with 0.2 g per breast area, diluted with special dilutions, once every 12 hours, and used once every 3-5 times.
  Packaging: 1kg/bottle, 5kg/bottle, 10kg/carton.
  Storage: shading, sealed, kept in a cool dry place
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